Standard Accessories

Settings for the primary

On all our transformers is possible to increase the primary and secondary windings with outlets adjustment of ± 5, ± 10, ± 15%, allowing to compensate particular variations of a network.

Ground terminal

In each transformer Emiltrafo gives the possibility to ‘end user to ground via a ground terminal.


Respecting the law, shall apply to its Emiltrafo transformers eyebolts whenever it exceeds the weight of 25 kg.

Name plate

For each transformer Emiltrafo applies a nameplate identifying:

Green dot for testing successfully passed

Once the testing, which is done on 100% of our products, a green dot is applied if the processor meets all the requirements of the standard in force.

Emiltrafo for isolation transformers for railway signaling, in addition to the green dot, also applied a personal stamp and accompanies each transformer with a test report and declaration of conformity.

Cooling channels

Emiltrafo studies, designs and manufactures the ability to insert special air channels in order to improve heat transfer between the transformer and the air. These accessories are mainly used for high power transformers (above 30 kVA)