For more than 30 years Emiltrafo designs and manufactures low voltage transformers, for different types of applications such as railway signaling, the ‘industrial automation and power electronics. L ‘company was founded in 1980 with the aim to provide customers with customized solutions and high quality. Since then Emiltrafo designed more than 10,000 kinds of low-voltage transformers, to meet changing needs and increasingly sophisticated.

Besides technical expertise and flexibility Emiltrafo focuses on quality. The components of our low-voltage transformers, products 100% in Italy, are chosen from strict criteria and are regularly tested in entry. Moreover particular attention is paid to the features of the final product, which can be on request accompanied by the test report and certificate of conformity. By careful optimization of the production processes we are able to offer our customers a great value for money.

Quality, customer orientation and flexibility are the basis of our philosophy. Emiltrafo is a reliable and punctual, which involves the customer in all phases of the project. The continuous exchange of ideas between us and our clients are born collaborations that remain for many years.