Why Emiltrafo?

Are you looking for a new supplier of transformers for low voltage? Look for a competent partner, who follows in all stages of your project and will suit your needs? Here are some reasons to choose Emiltrafo:

Flexibility: Our strength lies in the design and the ability to adapt to customer needs. From the first draft to final testing, our experts will follow you step by step to guarantee a perfect realization of your expectations.

Certified quality: Emiltrafo produces transformers of low voltage according to the most innovative. From 2014 Emiltrafo obtained certification for products in accordance with CSA / UL brand cCSAus – insulation system class 155 (F) brand cCSAus.Per know more about our certifications can see cCSAus.

Reliability: Production software with internally produced and continually updated and improved. Testing room inside, allow us to be a provider of low-power processors that keeps its promises. Our products are reliable and quality. Seeing is believing.

Tell us about the needs of your project and what goals you want to achieve, we will provide the solution that best suits your needs.